Sustainable energy transition and decarbonization research group

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The present society faces the challenges of increasing energy demand, climate change and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is imperative to develop innovative processes that can transform waste materials into valuable resources for energy and environmental applications.  Biofuels, biomaterials and green chemicals are envisioned to play a significant role in the global energy transition in the future. Over the past few years, our research has been centred on answering the following questions: How can waste materials be effectively managed while providing adequate energy to meet the demands of the rising world population? How do you optimize the cost and efficiency of processes that can transform waste materials into energy and value-added products? How do you develop new materials to promote sustainable fuel, food security and human health? These are fundamental questions that my past research has addressed over the years.  Our research combines experimental analysis with process design and simulation, control and optimization, energy system modelling and life cycle assessment to address several environmental and energy challenges.  

Our research is in the following areas: