Dr. Okolie's Publications 

Theme 1: Thermochemical and biochemical conversion of waste biomass to biofuels and value-added chemicals 

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Theme 2: Development of novel energy storage materials, carbon capture  and environmental remediation  

Udourioh, G.A., Solomon, M., Matthews-Amune, C.O., Epelle, E., Okolie, J., Agbazue, V.E. and Onyenze, U., 2023. Current Trends in the Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Metal Organic Frameworks. Reaction Chemistry & Engineering.

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Theme 3: Research and reflection on Pedagogy

  Okolie, J.A., 2022. Embedding equity, diversity, and inclusivity while teaching organic chemistry lab: An instructor’s perspective. Matter, 5(8), pp.2390-2392.

Okolie, J. A., & Epelle, E. I. (2022). Educate the educators: How to best prepare educators in STEMM for teaching positions. Matter, 5(10), 3083-3085.

Okolie, J. A. (2022). Teaching First-Year Chemical Engineering Research during COVID-19 Pandemic: Experience and Challenges. Available at SSRN 4205108.

Theme 4: Computational fluid dynamics and reservoir modelling for multiphase systems

 Epelle, E. I., Obande, W., Okolie, J. A., Wilberforce, T., & Gerogiorgis, D. I. (2021). CFD modelling and simulation of drill cuttings transport efficiency in annular bends: Effect of particle size polydispersity. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 109795.

Epelle, E. I., Oyinbo, J. O., Okolie, J. A., & Gerogiorgis, D. I. (2021). A comparative performance evaluation of cubic equations of state for predicting the compositional distribution of hydrate inhibitors in reservoir fluid systems. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 535, 112964.