Welcome to my research home

Over the years, I have acquired skills in catalysts development, Process Systems Engineering including process design and simulation, control and optimization, energy system modelling and life cycle assessment. Based on these skills I have participated in several research projects and collaborated with individuals as well as industrial partners.

Completed research projects

  • Hydrothermal gasification of waste materials for hydrogen production.

  • Anaerobic digestion of food waste to biogas

  • Modelling and optimization of integrated biomass valorization processes.

  • Process optimization and preliminary techno-economic analysis of glycerol to propylene glycol.

  • Biopesticide production from food waste (Collaboration with Prof. Burcu Gunes, DCU).

  • Activated carbon functionalization for carbon capture.

  • Production of activated carbon for energy storage applications

  • Catalyst development for the conversion of glycerol to propylene glycol (Collaboration with Prof. Patrick Okoye).

  • Development of a mobile game app for teaching introductory process engineering.

Current research projects

  • Development of an integrated Chemical looping gasification system (Collaboration with Prof. Fatih Gulec, Nottingham University)

  • Conversion of glycerol to value-added chemicals.

  • Underground hydrogen storage (Collaboration with Dr. Epelle Emmanuel, UWS).

  • Design of a mobile pyrolysis unit.

  • Modelling and process optimization of hydrogen production systems.

  • Catalysts development for catalysis hydrogenolysis of lignin-based compounds to sustainable chemicals (Collaboration with Prof. Kausn Gunasooriya).