Current students

Sadie Prigmore is a Junior at the University of Oklahoma. She majors in Environmental Science with a minor in Geology. Sadie’s academic journey with the University started younger than most, enrolling as a concurrent student at the age of 16. Growing up in northern Oklahoma, Sadie spent a lot of time outside exploring the creeks, pastures, and ponds nearby. These fond memories were a driving force to pursue a degree that would allow her to continue to explore and care for the world around her. In her free time Sadie enjoys visiting the museums and historic architecture in the state of Oklahoma. She is currently working on exploring different cushion gas for underground hydrogen storage. 

Brooke Rogachuk is a sophomore aerospace engineering student at the University of Oklahoma with a minor in environmental studies. Brooke picked her major based on her passion for space and airplanes. When she was a child, her father would take her to his work at an airplane hangar. When she was there, she became fascinated with the airplane engines and how they work. She hopes to work in the aerospace industry as a satellite engineer. She is also passionate about the environment and making environmentally conscience choices. Brooke is a member of the Sooner Rover team where she is currently working on building a camera mount and claw. She is also a member of the Women in engineering program and is a member of the Society of women engineers. She is from Colleyville, Texas. Brooke is passionate about animals and spends her summers working at an animal rescue facility. Her interests are boating with her family, fly fishing and hiking.  Brooke is currently working on process modeling and optimization of sustainable aviation fuel production pathways from hazardous solid waste. 

Sydney Etchieson is a sophomore Chemical Engineering major at the University of Oklahoma. A Norman native, Sydney graduated from Norman North High School. From a very young age, Sydney showed interest in science, taking every opportunity to visit local science museums. In high school, she took her first chemistry class, where she was inspired by a teacher with a passion for both chemistry and teaching; she was hooked. As she took more chemistry classes, it solidified her desire to major in chemistry. Sydney applies machine learning to understand and predict biochar properties for environmental remediation. Here is a link to her recent work.

Keon Moradi, is currently a junior at OU majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. His primary research lies in applications of machine learning, with a specific interest in applications to stock trading and financial markets as well as energy applications. After graduation, he  plan on attending graduate school to further my studies.

 Sophia Ye is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Oklahoma. Since a very young age, she showed a strong interest in math, science, and art. Sophia pursued her major because she was fascinated by the innovative and problem-solving nature of engineering. In her free time, she liked to volunteer and seek new experiences. Sophia is currently working on applying computational fluid dynamics to simulate and analyze biomass gasification. 

Pravachan Patra is a freshman Computer Science student at the University of Oklahoma. His interests lie in the fields of data science, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. His passion was sparked by his father who also works in the software space. He is passionate about applying machine learning and data analysis techniques to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. Pravachan enjoys building things from scratch and gaining a deep understanding of low-level details of a concept. He likes attempting to build hard things and persevering through technological challenges. In his free time, he enjoys a variety of sports including basketball, crickets and MMA. His current research focus on the application of machine learning to predict student success or failure in introductory engineering classes.

Abasi-Ofon Tom is currently a PhD student in the School of Sustainable, Chemical, Materials and Biological Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. He is interested in the design of catalysts for sustainable energy production using computational, ML, and techno-economic approaches. In the Gunasooriya Lab, he is working on next-generation catalyst design for Carbon chemistry. In his free time, Tom enjoys playing racing games. 

Kaustubh Pandit is a sophomore pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He is originally from Pune, India. His childhood fascination with the intricate dance of gears and pulleys fueled his choice of Mechanical Engineering, viewing them as indices of creativity and innovation. He sees mechanical engineering as a means to unlock the secrets of the universe's machinery, from the delicate flutter of butterfly wings to the power of roaring engines. His research pursuits span robotics, engineering education, computer automation, bio instrumentation, and bioimaging. Kaustubh's journey into mechanical engineering stems from a profound fascination ignited by a simple birthday gift – a remote-controlled drone. Entranced by the complexities of flight and automation, he embarked on a quest to understand the mysteries behind these marvels and innovate. Inspired by visionary figures like Elon Musk, whose determined spirit and relentless pursuit of innovation resonated deeply, Kaustubh found a beacon of possibility in the vast expanse of engineering. He aspires to continue his academic journey by attending graduate school, viewing engineering not just as a career path, but as a lifelong journey of exploration. He is working on developing AI workflow for the optimization of chemical processes.